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jrockyuri's Journal

JRock Femslash
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1. No HET or SLASH. I'm sorry, but there are communities for that (jrockyaoi and jrock_het to mention a few). This comm is for spreading girl-on-girl-love! :) Of course, het and slash-pairings can be mentioned, but the main pairing should be a femslash-one.
Gen-fics are accepted too as long as they're about, you guessed it; one or more female/s!

2. JPop is accepted, as well as any female in the Asian music industry. So in other words; you can post a fic about two Chinese popstars if you'd like, as long as they're both females it's all good. :)

3. No flaming! If you don't like femslash, what are you doing here? No trolling, spamming, flaming allowed. If you don't like someone's fic, keep it to yourself or offer some con-crit. If there is a problem, contact the mod.

4. Promoting is okay to an extent. Don't flood the community with adverts, we saw it the first time, ok? And promote only things that stays on topic.

Following things are allowed to be posted:

+ anything that stays on topic.

When posting fanfiction it would be nice if you included:
*A title
*The band/group
*The pairing
*The genre
*The rating
*A short summary

If you have any questions you can contact either kazou_kiriyama or helldarkangel.