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Love is Blind (Danger Gang, oneshot) [Jun. 25th, 2010|10:26 am]
JRock Femslash


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Title: Love is Blind
Author: reita_tattoo 
Fandom/pairing: Thera x Waka
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, fluff (?)
Warning(s): Unbeta-ed, fxf
Disclaimer: If I owned, I'd be with them. Not write about them.
Comments: So, yeah, this is crappy, I know. It's my first time writing yuri, and my mind was all... Blank, kind of. It's also short, but whatever. But I do hope you liked it anyway.


Thera was anxious. She had been all day, since the moment she woke up. And having Waka’s eyes on her all the time didn’t exactly help, either. She was almost biting her nails when she felt a pair of soft hands on her shoulders.
“Relax. It’s going to be fine” Waka said, and Thera smiled faintly.
“How can you know?” she answered, and the vocalist chuckled softly.
“No idea. I just have this feeling. It’s going to be fine, Thera” she answered while massaging the bassist’s shoulders.
“But it’s our first live and…“ Thera got interrupted by Waka:
“Sshh… Stop worrying. I told you it’ll be alright.” And so Thera followed her advice and stopped thinking about the fact that they were going to have their first live tonight, or that she had a slight crush on Waka whom she was sure was straight. She shook her head slightly, before sighing and leaning backwards, into Waka’s relaxing touch. And before she knew it, they were on stage.


Just as Waka had said, the show went perfectly fine. Thera enjoyed it, and didn’t do any major mistakes. Afterwards she was just as happy as the others, laughing and talking.
“You see? I told you it’d be fine!” Waka told her with a big smile on her lips, and Thera blushed slightly.
“Yes… Yes, you did. Thank you, Waka” she said and answered the vocalist’s smile with a very genuine one of her own. Rei and Hiko glanced at them, before getting engaged in a conversation that didn’t seem to have an end. And although it was very loud, Thera couldn’t at all hear what they were talking about – all she could focus on was Waka, who was still smiling. Suddenly the small vocalist pushed Thera lightly in the stomach, and she took a few stumbling steps backwards, into the shadows of the room.
“Waka, wh-?” Thera was cut off by a finger on her lips.
“Sh, there is something I want to show you” Waka mumbled, before standing on her tiptoes and pressing her lips against Thera’s slightly. At first, Thera was shocked and couldn’t do anything but stand there with her eyes wide-open. But as Waka did not pull away, she slowly closed her eyes and started answering the light kiss. When Waka pulled away, Thera emitted a little whimpering noise of disappointment, which made the vocalist chuckle lowly.
“I just wanted to tell you that I love you” Waka whispered and then connected their lips once again. This time, it was Thera who pulled away first.
“I love you, too” she whispered, and heard Rei laugh at something that Hiko said. She gave Waka a quick peck on the cheek, before whispering in her ear;
“Let’s go home…” Waka smiled, and followed as Thera stepped back into the light.
“Hey, Thera! Wanna go celebrate with us?” Hiko half-shouted as soon as she noticed the bassist standing there. Thera merely smiled and shook her head.
“No… I’m way too tired” she said, before deciding to change her stage-clothes to something more… Normal.
“Okay. Then I guess it’ll be just me and Hiko. Waka said already this morning that she wouldn’t follow” Rei shrugged and Thera glanced at Waka, who was smiling sweetly.
“Sure. Have fun!” Thera shouted as the two girls disappeared from the changing rooms. Then she turned to Waka.
“You planned this?” Waka only chuckled, before turning around and giving Thera one of those genuine smiles that made the bassist’s knees go weak.
“Maybe I did. Who knows?” the vocalist finally answered with a slightly mischievous glint in her eyes that Thera found absolutely adorable. Thera merely sighed – with a smile on her lips – before she turned around and stripped her shirt off, putting her own on instead.
“You’re gorgeous” Waka suddenly said and Thera blushed, realizing that Waka had watched her from behind.
“Thank you” Thera mumbled shyly, before continuing with her pants. When they were both done, they took their stage-clothes with them in a bag, and then called a taxi.
“Where are we going anyway?” Waka snickered once they were seated.
“What says about my place?” Thera retorted, but before Waka had a chance to say anything, Thera told the address to the driver.


When they arrived at Thera’s place, she paid the driver and then more or less had to pull a very tired Waka from the taxi, up for three sets of stairs and into her apartment. Then she left the vocalist half-lying on the floor, back against her door. Thera couldn’t help but giggle at the adorable sight.
“I’m hungry…” Waka suddenly whined, and Thera’s giggle became a real laugh as Waka’s stomach growled loudly.
”If you wake up properly, I can make you some food?” Thera suggested and within two seconds, Waka bounced up from the floor.
“Need any help?” she said and made Thera laugh once again.
“No. I think I’m fine, thanks.” Waka pouted slightly at her words, before bounding into the kitchen and placing herself on a chair, while Thera followed to make some ramen. It didn’t take long, and before she knew it, she was more or less staring at an eating, yet very adorable, Waka.
“What are you staring at me for?” Waka tried to say with her mouth full.
“Huh?” Thera asked, shaking her head slightly. The vocalist swallowed and repeated her sentence.
“Oh… Because you’re adorable?” Thera then said and made Waka giggle like a lovesick high school-girl.
“No, but you are though” she answered after a while and Thera blushed at least three shades of crimson. As Waka leaned over the table to kiss her, her face went through another five shades. When they parted, Waka yawned slightly.
“Can I sleep here?” she asked and suddenly there was a glint in her eyes that made Thera shiver.
“Uh… S-sure… No problem…” Thera answered, finding it a bit difficult to speak, but Waka only chuckled cutely at her.
“Good. I’m done. It was good” she said, and put her bowl at the kitchen counter. “Do you have any shirt or something that I can use as a pajama?” There tilted her head to the side and smiled widely at Waka.
“Will you even use it, then?” she asked and the vocalist shrugged.
“Probably not” she answered, that glint once again existent in her eyes.