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[Fanfiction - exist†trace] Liberation - Jyou/Miko - Prologue/? [Nov. 23rd, 2009|12:17 pm]
JRock Femslash
[music |Allegro non molto SUMMER ( La Primavera)OP 8 NO.2 G MINOR - Antonio Vivaldi]

Title: [Liberation]
Genre: AU, Historical Drama
Fandom: exist†trace
Pairings: Jyou/Miko
Rating: NC-17 (Overall)
Warnings: Sex, Violence
Chapter: Prologue/?
Synopsis: On the streets of Venice, 1445, a meeting takes place, that will change two women's lives forever. One, will come to find her true place in the world. Another, will discover there is such a thing as love after betrayal. Both will find themselves drawn to each other, and both will have to fight for what they desire.
Notes: First time posting any Yuri fiction here on Livejournal. Hopefully I can update this one just as much as I will with my others. I intend for this to be quite long, though the prologue is pretty short. Please keep that in mind.

( For the first time in her life, Caterucia D'Este is captivated )